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To Capture Dynamic Timeless Memories For Generations To Come. 

Core Values

Our Values are all in the CAMERA.

Care - Aspire - Morale - Excellence - Respect - Adaptable.

About Amor!

Amr Neamatalla (Amor) is a project engineer who graduated from UT in 2006 with a BS in electrical engineering. Amor been passionate about photography since he was young, he has captured very interesting photos using film cameras back in the 90s. Amor taught himself many things about photography that helped him get a job at the Picture People in Washington State while he was attending his first years of engineering school at Washington State University.  Amor’s traveling experience overseas like Egypt, Morocco, and Mexico plus living in many cities across the United States such as New York, New Jersey, Spokane, Portland, San Antonio, and now Houston have allowed him to express his artistic mind through unique photos.